Sweatpants, Health & Wealth!


This week has been unforgettable. Thursday we were asked to dress down and wear sweatpants so we could relax and collect ourselves. So far we’ve met some amazing, inspirational CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs. On Thursday, we kicked things off with Rhiannon Traill, who told us a bit about how the Economic Club of Canada was started and how she got to where she is today.

Next we moved onto the importance of Financial Wealth and Health. In my opinion the best part of the day was getting to play Sun Life Financials game “Your Money, Your Wellness.” In playing this game we realized how big of a role health plays is in regards to wealth. If you fall ill because you aren’t healthy, then you can’t go to work and earn money!

I would like to thank Sun Life Financial for the great Colombia sweaters that some of us received for winning the challenge! The day continued on the topic of how health is connected to future wealth. Rene Lecker discussed the impact of bullying on a person’s health and gave us a deeper understanding of how bullying effects you both emotionally and physically. We shared our own experiences on being bullied during this exercise. It was great how comfortable we were with sharing and it really goes to show how we have became a tight knit group within just one week.

The next activity was lead by Stefani Lecker, who us through a session about “mindful meditation” and letting negativity go to feel positive and confident. She taught us some techniques on how to clear our minds so we could concentrate more on the tasks ahead.

Yoga was next on the agenda and was presented by Andrew Moniz owner of Bikram Yoga. We learned some great moves leave us feeling refreshed and energized. Yoga was a lot of fun and interactive as was our workshop presented by Marcia Cunningham and John Gregory. They taught us the art of speaking to an audience and during a one-on-one conversation. This will be beneficial for the pitches we will be giving to the Mega-Minds on Friday. All in all there was a lot to learn on Thursday and I think we all enjoyed unwinding a little before our big presentations.

-Michelle Ragany, BSBC Student 2014



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