Introducing the 2014 BSBC Winners Thomas Stephen & Ahmed Saeed!


This week was one of the most intense yet best experiences of my life so far. When the week started I had no idea what to expect. On the first day we chose our partners and were tasked with coming up with a business idea and then pitch that idea to the VIP dragons.

Throughout the week we learned about financial markets, meditational tactics for the office space, prepping for a job interview, dressing for success and most importantly, how to create a top-notch business plan. My partner and I work day in and day out to create a top-notch business. Winning the first prize was one of the best moments of my life so far, I got to meet some of the most well know CEO’s in the country and actually got a few of their business cards to stay in touch with them!!

The Junior Economic Club of Canada and its sponsors IFIC, FundataSun Life Financial, VISA, Porter, CPA and Scotiabank, provided me with an opportunity to express my interests as well as they connected me with people that have the same interests as my own. The people who run this organization are some of the humblest, kindest most generous people anyone will meet in their entire lives, I am truly grateful for that. From commuting on the GO train into Union Station to meeting the CEO’s of some of the most well know companies in Canada. It was a once – in – a – lifetime experience!!

Yours Truly,

Thomas Stephen with support of co-winner Ahmed Saeed.



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