He shoots, he scores- Visa #Financial Soccer

photo (3)We’re taking it back to the FIFA World Cup with Visa Financial Soccer!!! This amazingly fun, interactive game, which not only informs students on financial literacy but is also connected to the world’s most famous sport – soccer. Honestly, as team captains, it was a pretty hostile environment in the room! LOL! Put together finance and soccer, and you pretty much have a civilized riot… if that made any sense! Today, students got the exhilarating experience of the world cup whilst learning and teaching one another.

We, Talal (Team Canada) and Vishal (Team Germany) led the two teams of students as they went head to head for world cup supremacy! It was an exciting match as Germany started by winning the toss but soon Canada took control of the game. To make things more heated, regulation time was not enough for this match. The “soccer” aspect of things really made the game a lot more fun! Team Canada was just about to score and then it became halftime… We actually thought Team Canada was going crazy LOL!

Visa Financial Soccer really tested our personal money management skills-it had been a while since we played the game at “Day on Bay.” It was hard because the only way we could go down the field to try and score was if we answered the question correctly. The questions were about saving, spending, budgeting and credit… I guess we should learn about those things before going to UWO eh Vishal?

In the end Canada came down from a 2-0-penalty shootout deficit to win the game. The match was extremely heated and ended in a 4-3 win for Canada. #OhCanada.

The winners got awesome iPhone cases as well as comic books as prizes! LET’S GO CANADA!! Many students gained so much more awareness about Visa’s #PracticalMoneySkills activities and apps such as the Plan’ It Prom app! I’m sure many of these seniors will be using the app as they budget for their prom next summer! #FinLit


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