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Suits, pencil skirts, beautiful young individuals, and Starbucks… all seen on Bay street (Whoops, I meant BAE Street) but lets be real here, there’s also those old dudes always carrying these really heavy looking briefcases around… yep, they are probably investment bankers and making some serious money!

Day three kicked off with a wonderful LADY, who was a TRADER on Bay Street. Let me just repeat that… a LADY being a TRADER…Wow, pretty cool and impressive. But seriously, Meaghan Daly was amazing. Her presentation on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Financial markets in general was so informative.  Who knew there were over a billion shares of Scotiabank outstanding?! The delegates learned all about stocks and bonds and other financial products. We were surprised with all the prior knowledge that the students had. So many great questions were being asked… and the students got really into this workshop! Definitely one of the most popular ones thus far! #FinLit #MoneyMoneyMoney

It was also so cool to meet Warren, the first ever Jr. EC ambassador! Filling his shoes and doing what he used to do for more than four years has really been an amazing experience thus far… the guy is 25 and is making some serious $$$. That is the motive boys… that is the motive. But honestly, the students could really relate to Warren because he was the ideal story of a man working really hard in order to pursue his goal and dreams! Not sure what I think about the 132-hour weeks though… :/ #InvestmentBanking

All this “big boy” talk made a pretty smooth transition into Rhiannon’s Q&A talk with the former CEO of CMA Accountants… Merv Hillier! One thing that really caught our attention was when Merv said, “Being the CEO is where the puck stops. When the company is doing well, the board takes all the credit. When things are downhill, the first finger gets pointed at the CEO”. Just goes to show how unexpected the business world can really be.

Honestly though, the big message out of this one was #Ethics. I know it’s a pretty random hash tag, but after this session, Merv gave the students so many reasons why it’s so important to act ethically everywhere you go… unless you get a turkey sent to your door for Christmas by a client 😉 LOL! A lot of delegates found it impressive how Rhiannon looked up to Merv as a mentor, kind of like how we look up to our own dads! #PayingItForward

We were told to dress down tomorrow to get ready for the health and wellness day, can’t wait!


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