STARTED AS STUDENTS, NOW WE HERE: Ambassadors Ting from Time G



For the last week of August students take part in a fun-filled business camp hosted by Jr. EC. Some of you might be thinking… “Uh, why would I ‘waste’ a week learning when I can just play Xbox and watch movies all day”, but after you see what it’s like to potentially win $10k in scholarship money, you should be drooling all over your keyboard. Last year we both took part in this camp’s inaugural year and absolutely loved it. LOVED IT. It opened up countless opportunities and rewarding moments so it goes without saying why we would want to come back and help others as they get involved this week! YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE IT TO BELIEVE HOW GREAT THIS CAMP REALLY IS! As ambassadors, we’re just #PayingitForward.

Taking place in the Telus Tower at CPA Ontario’s York St Facility in “The 6” (previously referred to as the 416… Coined by the very eloquent and lyrical genius, Drake) students experience what it’s like working in Canada’s main financial district known as Bae Street… We mean BAY STREET!

The first session started with the awesome Jennifer Diebolt from CPA Ontario who gave insight into the world of Accountancy in Canada. You would love to get to know her – she goes from high school to high school guiding students on the path of becoming a #CPA. She is very entertaining with all of her hysterical jokes and bubbly personality. She definitely breaks the stereotype of people thinking that accountants sit in an office all day dreading their lives…Totally not the case.

After, students learned how to interact with one another in the business world by understanding and analyzing the different personality profiles colour wheel – blue, green, red; which colour are you? Blue’s focus on personal relationships; red’s are direct and assertive; green’s are neutral and use technical references when implementing business ideas. Talal personally takes pride in being a blue. In fact, Drake is also a blue, in other words, Talal thinks he’s a multi-million dollar recording hip-hop artist. #TalalIsTheBaeOnBay #SaugaCityComeUp

Students ended the day by working on their business plans for their upcoming big pitch where they showcase their ideas to the top CEOs/political personalities in Canada. Reflecting back to a year ago, it was hard sticking to one idea when we had so many popping up in our heads every other minute. Luckily these students don’t need to worry at all – they’re brilliant! We’re here to guide and mentor them, but we just seem extra because they don’t need any of our help. One of our good friends, Bilal Mufti, is also here to help out this week as well. The dude lives in Kingston and still made it out here for the second straight year. Just goes to show you the kind of quality people you meet at this camp. #OutHere

Who provides students in our age group with these opportunities? Jr. EC– GET INVOLVED! #FinLit


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