Introducing…Your Jr. EC Ambassadors Talal & Vishal!


The Jr. EC ambassadors are here to say

We’ll be blogging from Boot Camp every day.


Born and raised, in Mississauga, Ontario,

We’re here to break down the scenario


After coming down to the heart of Bay,

Last year’s Boot Camp was not a field day.


We learnt what it meant to save and invest,

And how debt can gain lots of interest.


After Boot Camp, the ambassadors we became,

Day on Bay is where we gained our fame.


It was Money, Money, Money we presented,

The Jr. EC we proudly represented.


From Gordon Graydon to UWO,

Studying business it’s to the top we go.


In the CPA building, Boot Camp’s home base,

on Monday personality profiles will take place.


Tuesday with Porter we’ll get the position,

With social media, interview skills and lots of ambition.


Scotiabank on Wednesday is where we’ll see,

how important banking and investing can be.


We’ll lead Financial Football, a goal you’ll score,

Personal Money Management with VISA, we’ll explore.


The link between health and wealth is not a cliché,

Sun Life’s “Your Money, Your Wellness” we’ll play on Thursday.


On Friday with IFIC and FunData we’ll invest,

Time into our business plans, to win the contest.


Pitching the “Mega Minds” is the main event,

Our entrepreneurial ideas we will present.


So here you have it, just a little sneak peak,

into the Jr. EC’s BSBC week.


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